If you are in a hurry to do a personalized gift, or just want to get something done fast, Hatch and a special ESA font has you covered.   Even though it is a fast design, the results are at a professional level, and it looks like you took hours and hours to digitize the design.  And this design looks amazing!

All you need for this design is 10 minutes to digitize the design, the ESA font called AdornDuo50mm, and of course your embroidery machine.  You can find this awesome monogram font at DigitizingMadeEasy.com.  This font is a little bit different from the other regular fonts that you see on the site.  It is amazing, though – it is still an ESA font, and it holds all of the benefits of ESA fonts, including resizing!

1.  The first thing you need to do once you have added the font to Hatch and have restarted your software, is to figure out your lettering.  The font consists of two parts – the first part (which must be on the left) consists of a letter, plus most of the diamond shape.  There are no lower case letters, so lower and upper case letters have different uses.  The lower case letters have most of the diamond, and the upper case letters have the finishing part of the diamond.  So to create the initials DB properly, I would type in the lower case “d” and an upper case “B” so that the monogram swirl design is complete.

monogram ESA font


Because this is a font, to move the letters into proper position, you need to use the BREAK APART function.  Once you do that, you now have two different sections for the lettering.  The D section and the B smaller section.

break apart the monogram font


Now you can select the B and move it towards the D to make it look like one design!  When you are moving the letter B, you can hold down the CTRL key to keep the B in a straight line.   Once you get it into position, you can use the arrow keys to fine tune your positioning.


For this design, I am going to use it on a towel – a nice fluffy one!  You don’t need to keep using WSS (water soluble stabilizer or a “topper”) on embroidery like this- it is a waste of time and money.  What you do need is a Hatch Smash!!   Select both designs on your screen and go to the Outlines and Offsets in the EDIT toolbox menu on the left. Once you get into that pop up menu, make sure that the OFFSET OUTLINES check box has a check mark in it.  I usually do a few offsets – just to see which one looks better – set it as s single run and make sure you select the COMMON OFFSETS selection – its the one to the right – it will merge all offsets into one – and that is what you are going to need for this detailed design!


Once you select the offset that you want, make sure you delete the other ones, you won’t be needing them right now!  Make sure you open your resequence tab and clean up any artifacts that may happen, you don’t need those either.

To complete the smash select your offset and click on the FILL button at the top of the screen.  The fill you want is Tatami.  Once you have that selected, then you can remove the underlay, set the spacing to 1.50mm (or whatever number works for your material that you are stitching on) and make sure the travel on edge is selected.  If you would like more information on the Hatch Smash technique, go to the Learning Center – there are 3 videos that explain the Hatch Smash in detail.   I have also change the colors of the Hatch Smash and the design, and always remember that the Hatch Smash has to stitch out first, so move it to the first position in the resequence tab.

Hatch Smash Technique



The design would look great stitched out as above, but I decided to add another satin stitch offset to it to make the monogram stand out a little bit more.  I selected the 3 objects above, and opened up the edit menu and did another offset, but this time with a satin stitch.  I decided to make it more of a textural element, so instead of making it the same green color as the lettering, I made it black, so it will blend in with the towel and match the Hatch Smash.  I kept my design neat and tidy, and moved the satin stitch offset to stitch out with the Hatch Smash – either before the Smash or after.

adding an offset to the monogram

4.  At some point in the set up – probably at the beginning, but if you have forgotten do it now – you should do the Auto Fabric – it is a great way to make sure that everything is set up properly for your machine.  It makes a huge difference, so if you have not done it already, now is a great time to go into your CUSTOMIZE DESIGN toolbox and select the Auto Fabric option.  Please note that you do not need to use a solvent film on top because we used Hatch Smash.  I never use WSS or any other “topper” when doing towels, I ALWAYS use Hatch Smash and perfect hooping skills to make my projects awesome!  Also note that the Auto Fabric option will also tell you what stabilizer to use – no more guessing – Hatch tells you what you need to use, so you get it right, every time.

use auto fabric before you stitch

Are you following along?  Do your letters, do break apart, move them together, do an offset, change to fill stitch and Smash it and you are done!  If you would like another offset to make a frame, do that and change to satin stitches.


YOU CAN’T DO THIS WITH ALPHABET FONTS, ONLY WITH ESA FONTS.  (alphabet fonts are defined as those letters that you buy that each letter is a different file (eg a folder with A.pes, a.pes, etc)  – even if you can type them on the keyboard, they are still only stitch files!  And if you didn’t know, ALL ALPHABET FONTS ARE STITCH FILES – which means they are not meant to be edited – they are digitized at the size that they are – so if you want it smaller, you are out of luck – you will make a dense mess and ruin your embroidery.

Back to the ESA font…What can you do?  YOU CAN RESIZE THE DESIGN.  Yes, yes you can.  If you notice in the pictures above, the design has an A after it on the resequence list.   That means that it is still a font, and you can edit just about everyone on that font, including size. You can make it large and change the fill to tatami.  You can make it smaller (not too small) and change the satin width.  You can add or remove underlay!  YOU CAN’T DO THIS WITH ANY OTHER TYPE OF LETTERING.  And this is why ESA fonts are the best – you have so much more control, and your results will be at a professional level.

monogram 7

Regular embroidery rules still apply to resizing ESA fonts.  In the picture above, I cloned the design and made it smaller – but not too small, we don’t want teeny tiny satin stitches that will make a mess!!  Keep an eye on everything and be careful how small you make it.  Same goes for making it bigger – you don’t want split satin stitches – if the satin is splitting, change it to tatami stitches.  You can even add a pattern to it!   I also change the satin width of the outer border of the design to make sure it would stand out properly – again, we don’t want tiny satin stitches!

QUICK TIP:  I see many towel embroideries that have the designs way too big, way too small or in the incorrect place on the towel.  PRINT THE TEMPLATE OUT and precision place the design on the towel.  On the large design, I was able to precision place the design on the bottom part of the towel – right where it should be – without going into the lines above at all.  That is what you want to do.  The proper position makes for better embroidery and professional results.  Take the time to do it right, place it right and make sure it is the right size.   In the picture below, I have my printed template and I am lining everything up.  I don’t have any stabilizer out because I found that I needed to make the design a tad smaller to fit in the correct spot.  I reduced it a tad, and reprinted the template and I was ready to go.  Hoop with tear away, make sure all of the horizontal and vertical lines are aligned properly with the hoop, mark your center point and hoop with tearaway stabilizer!  Take it to your machine and watch your beautiful design stitch!!

perfect embroidery placement using templates



IMG_1134 2 IMG_1136 2

Look for step by step video instructions in this week’s Hatch Fact Quick Tip video!

If you want to do this type of design and you don’t have Hatch, you can get Hatch Customizer for only $199.00. plus free ESA fonts and a free class to get you started!  Don’t wait – get professional results with ESA fonts and Hatch.  Your embroidery will thank you!

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!


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