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About Us

Digitizing Made Easy is a Division of Embroidery Guru John Deer’s Adorable Ideas.

“My goal for Digitizing Made Easy is to train the next generation of digitizers and pass on the age-old theory I was so blessed to have received over 30 years ago, when I apprenticed to become a Shiffli Master.”

- John Deer; The World’s Most Awarded Digitizer.
John Deer

John Deer has been the most awarded embroidery digitizer in the world for over two decades now. As a 4th generation embroiderer, John has an extremely unique history in the embroidery digitizing industry as he is one of the last two remaining Schiffli Masters in North America. John learned and apprenticed under Swiss Schiffli Master Digitizers (then known as “punchers”) over 30 years ago in his grandparent’s factory, before computers even entered the digitizing world.

In the 1990’s-2000s John owned & ran one of North America’s largest commercial digitizing house, where he did the digitizing for many large corporations including: Disney, Coco-Cola, GM, the NFL, & the NBA (to list a few of thousands).

John has personally won 30 separate digitizing awards in the commercial industry and wrote the book on digitizing called “Digitizing Made Easy” which has sold over 40,000 copies & is used in Universities across the United States to teach those studying textile. John has produced hundreds of instructional and educational videos, which apply to embroidery enthusiasts of all levels. He has given hundreds of workshops and seminars all over the world & taught well over 100,000 people. Given John’s unique old-school training, family history, and vast embroidery knowledge, he is truly a master embroiderer & digitizer.

John Deer’s Embroidery Legacy

Originally created by John Deer’s grandparents in the early 1950s, Adorable Ideas (then known as Dress Crest Embroidery) first began as a commercial Schiffli loom embroidery factory. By the early 1990’s Adorable Ideas had grown to two factories operating both Schiffli Looms and multi-head machines. When commercial embroidery production shifted to overseas markets and away from the Americas, John Deer transformed the company out of necessity into a commercial digitizing production house.

Throughout the 1990s, Adorable Ideas (then known as Punch Perfect) digitized hundreds of thousands of embroidery designs per year for multimillion dollar corporations throughout the world. In the early 2000s, the commercial digitizing market followed suit and began to shift overseas. John Deer once again transformed his family’s embroidery company out of necessity.

This time, Adorable Ideas moved away from the commercial embroidery market and redirected it’s focus towards the home embroidery market. Today, Adorable Ideas owns and operates the websites: & Ultimate Stash offers over 25,000 quality embroidery designs both individually and with the option of a membership, while Digitizing Made Easy teaches embroiderers of all levels the beautiful art of digitizing.

Digitizing Made Easy
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