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Selling Embroidery on Facebook? Don’t make these mistakes!

Sue | February 14, 2017

IN MY OPINION, Things have changed over the years, and social media is one of them.  Social media now is one of the main ways to get your name out there and get yourself known.    I am constantly on social media, I belong to quite a few embroidery groups, and I see time and […]

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30 Minute Project with ESA font, Professional Results

Sue | February 7, 2017

If you are in a hurry to do a personalized gift, or just want to get something done fast, Hatch and a special ESA font has you covered.   Even though it is a fast design, the results are at a professional level, and it looks like you took hours and hours to digitize the […]

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Precision design placement: Use Templates

Sue | January 31, 2017

Another blog on hooping skills?  Yes, but this one will tell you how to perfectly place your embroidery design on any item, and hoop it all properly. Templates are the way to go.  If you are not using templates, stickers and/or air erase markers to place your embroidery designs, then you are missing out on […]

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The 6 Most Popular Embroidery Hooping Mistakes

Sue | January 24, 2017

Hooping Skills:  the most important skill to learn in embroidery. I have said it before, and I will keep saying it:  YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR HOOPING SKILLS. I know, I know.  I am such a nag, right?  Nah, not really.  I just want to get everyone to see that there is in […]

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Pen and Tablet + Hatch = FUN

Sue | January 17, 2017

Accessorize Hatch with a Pen and Tablet There are many ways to make embroidery digitizing more fun – and adding accessories to Hatch can be a great way to have fun!  Today, we are talking about digitizing in Hatch with a pen and tablet. Let’s start at the beginning. What is a pen and tablet […]

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Sue | January 11, 2017

To resize or not to resize, that is the question! That is actually a good question, and it gets asked over and over again with many different answers.  My answer is NO.  Don’t resize anything at all, not even a little bit. There, I said it loud and clear and you should too. Again?  DO […]

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Hoop Burn (ewww)

Sue | January 4, 2017

Have you ever embroidered a beautiful design that stitched out perfectly and looks great – and then you unhoop it and see LINES where your hoop was?  Ewwww, that’s hoop burn.  Instead of doing the whole design again and making the hoop screws a bit on the loose side, you can hoop properly AND fix […]

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Sue | December 20, 2016

FLOAT A BOAT, NOT STABILIZER!   Many years ago, when I was just starting with embroidery I read some information about embroidery and running a successful business, and the thing I remember most was this: “YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR HOOPING SKILLS” That made a lot of sense to me at the time, […]

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Working with object nodes

Sue | December 16, 2016

Hatch makes everything easier!  One of the main reasons why we love Hatch! One thing that Hatch makes super easy is working with nodes.  What do you know about nodes? Nodes are those little points that you place down every time you click the mouse when you are making an object.  Left click makes a […]

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Show us your sewing room!

Sue | November 14, 2016

In our Facebook group, Hatch Facts, we have some awesome discussions going on most of the time!  This week’s discussion ended up being about your sewing room! It’s amazing how some people can be so completely organized with all of their embroidery tools, accessories, and stabilizers! I was absolutely amazed at the wonderful sewing or […]

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