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The digitizing classes were everything and more than I expected. I learned so much with the hands-on projects and enjoyed every minute.
Marilyn S.
The classes answered many questions I had about digitizing and has given me a basis to move forward. I was impressed at how the material was adaptable to all levels of beginning digitizers. I had an exceptional feeling of success at the end of the classes. Great Job!
Mike R.
I learned from the best John Deer! Thank you for always being there and for being an amazing teacher of the beautiful art of digitizing. Not only did you teach me and have supported me, but you’ve also inspired me to be a success!
Theresa D.
I bought my 6 needle machine with the plan to start and operate a home-based business and I have been doing that for 5 years. But after taking your classes I feel confident and prepared to take the business to the next level. You have opened the doors of creativity and I am very excited about the possibilities. Thank you!
Michele P.
Amazing classes, I feel honored to have been part of this special experience, I finally think I can do digitizing and learn.
Jan T.

Digitizing Lessons FAQ

Did You Know.... That if We Don't Offer Your Software Brand You Can Still Take the Lessons?

Just download the demo version of Hatch and take the classes. Applying what you learned to your software is easy as every program on the market uses similar tool and stitch type. Our education is really geared to focus on the theory of digitizing which applies to any brand. Click Here for the Demo Version