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Free Embroidery Digitizing 101: Cheat Sheet Course

99% of the Time the Issue Isn’t Your Machine: It’s Not Understanding the Design… Get Better Results with Your Embroidery Now

Even if you don’t want to create your own designs at this point, it’s important to be able to spot a bad one before you run it on your machine.  Whether you’re brand new or more advanced, this video course will give you a foundation of embroidery theory that’ll help you understand what’s happening behind the scenes the next time you go to stitch out a design. You’ll learn about:

  • What goes into creating designs with some basic digitizing theory
  • The layout of any design with the 3 main stitch types
  • How to hold your designs securely in place with underlay
  • Avoiding stiff bullet proof designs with density
  • Making sure designs line up properly with registration
  • How to avoid jumps & trims with mapping
  • Sew much more

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– Taught by John Deer, the world’s most awarded embroidery digitizer