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Why Are ESA Fonts Better?

ESA fonts are better than stitch file fonts because they are professionally digitized for embroidery. ESA fonts will behave exactly the same as the pre-digitized fonts that come with Hatch. You can break them apart, you can automatically add the proper underlay and use all the lettering tools, including monogramming letters. Check out the video below to learn more.

Will ESA Fonts Work with Berninia?

No, ESA fonts will only work with Wilcom Hatch, Wilcom E3 and Janome MBX V5 Digitizer.

Will ESA Fonts Work with Any Other Version of Janome?

The ESA fonts will only work with the V5 version of the Janome software: Janome MBX V5 digitizer.

What Version of Hatch Do ESA Fonts Work With?

The ESA fonts will work with any version of Hatch.

Do ESA Fonts Work with Any Wilcom Software? E3 Too?

The ESA fonts will work with Hatch (any version) E3 as well as Wilcom’s Janome MBX v5 Digitizer programs.

What Is the Path on My Computer to Load the Fonts?

The path on your computer is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Wilcom\Hatch Embroidery Software V1\USERLETW
If you are working with Janome MBX V5 Digitizer, look for the Digitizer file instead of the Hatch file. For more information on installing ESA fonts, check out this step by step video.

Can I Still Use My BX Fonts in Hatch?

You can’t use any BX fonts in Hatch – BX fonts are specific for another embroidery program.

Is There Any Difference Between ESA Fonts and Built in Fonts?

There is no difference between the ESA fonts and the built in fonts in Hatch.

I Have 50 Pre-Digitized Fonts, Can I Use Them?

You can use your alphabet designs in Hatch, but you must bring them into Hatch one at a time. Remember that the pre-digitized fonts are stitch files, and they don’t have the same editing capabilities as regular ESA fonts.

I Have Many Pre-Digitized Fonts (Alphabet Fonts) Can I Install Them the Same as an ESA Font?

No you can’t install the pre-digitized fonts in Hatch. The pre-digitized fonts that you have are stitch files, and they don’t work the same as ESA fonts.

I Have Alphabet Fonts, Why Should I Use ESA Fonts?

Alphabet letters are stitch files and therefore can’t be edited much. You should not resize the alphabet fonts. ESA fonts can be loaded into your computer once and then you can use them the same as any font that comes with Hatch. You can pick the font, type the lettering on the keyboard and you can use any lettering art on them, monogramming and you can resize the fonts, too. The minimum size requirement for the font is written right in the title, so you don’t have to guess. ESA fonts are better, easier and will stitch out better than any other type of font.

What Is the Difference Between Alphabet Fonts and ESA Fonts?

An alphabet font, (also referred to as a digitized font, or pre-digitized font) is not really a font, it is a style of letter designs that are in the stitch file format (PES, XXX, etc.) and you wil have a folder that contains separate files for each letter (eg A.pes, B.pes) Each of these files are stitch files, so they have limited capabilities – you cant resize these designs, or skew or change them much, because they are stitch files. An ESA font is an actual font that you can load into your computer once, and use as a keyboard font. ESA fonts are professionally digitized for embroidery. It is easier to type on the keyboard with an ESA font than bring in each letter separately.

Can I Use All the Cool Lettering Tools with ESA Fonts?

Yes! You can use any of the lettering tools, including lettering art with ESA fonts the same as any other built in font.

Does the Break Apart Tool Work with ESA Fonts?

Yes, the break apart tool will work with the ESA fonts – ESA fonts work the same way as any other built in font, so any of the lettering tools will work with ESA fonts.

What Does ESA Stand For?

ESA is the type of file that the font is created with, however, we think that ESA could stand for EXTRA SPECIAL ALPHABET .

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