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“Fit to Stitch” 2 Day Hand-On Digitizing Workshop

Las Vagas
November 3rd & 4th
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November 17 & 18
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Yes, you read the title correctly! This is the Ultimate hands-on digitizing experience geared not only to those who are considering digitizing, but also to those who have been digitizing for years.

This Hands-On Digitizing workshop is suited for any skill level and any software brand.

Before we dive into the Hands-On experience we will cover the fundamentals that go into creating beautiful embroidery as well as the basic rules for stitch types and explanations to the common terms associated with tools available in every software program.

This workshop is all about sharing with you the foundation of theory John learned from his Schiffli mentor more than 33 years ago, and will contain the most important information you’ll ever learn about digitizing.

I want this to be very clear, THE THEORY TAUGHT IN THIS CLASS WILL CROSS OVER TO ANY BRAND OF SOFTWARE. The primary objective of this experience is to learn the “old-school” theory for creating beautiful designs. I’ve seen software brands come and go and I’ve also witnessed incredible advances over the years. But the one thing that hasn’t changed in 130 years is the mechanical theory that goes into creating beautiful embroidery designs!

If you’ve ever been to a hands-on software class before you might be skeptical, since often the person who knows the least get the most attention during class, while others are left waiting. Not this time! Two weeks prior to class attendees will download a demo version of the software and some basic tutorials about the tools needed for class. Because everyone will come prepared, laptop loaded with the same demo software and knowing where the tools are, you’ll be ready for accelerated learning!

I am confident that after this two day workshop you will see embroidery and digitizing in a whole new light. I hope you’ll see it in the way I see it: as an artform I love that will take me a lifetime to nurture and grow.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

John Deer

Note: This software is developed for a Windows operating system. There are customers that run this software on their MAC computers when using Parallels. Please contact Apple for more details about the Parallels program.

fit to stitch projects


Day 1:

8:00am- Registration

9:00am- Embroidery Basic Essentials (Lecture)

Regardless of the machine brand or software you own, the end results should always be the same… beautiful stitches creating soft embroidery! Getting consistent results begins with a firm grasp of the basics. Explore hooping basics, choosing the right stabilizer, selecting appropriate needles and thread, along with repairing and finishing your embroidery. We will also discuss how to choose the right design and customize it as needed for the fabric you’re working with.

11:00am- Digitizing Made Easy (Lecture)

Before we dive into the software it is vitally important that a solid foundation is in place. This session will cover the three basic stitch types and their rules. Participants will understand the meaning and variables associated with underlay, push and pull compensation, density and properly pathing an embroidery design.

12:30pm- Lunch

1:30pm- Laying the Groundwork (Hands-On)

This session will go over and show you how to use all the tools we will need to create the designs coming up. Fun and easy exercises will get you used to using the running stitch, satin stitch and fill stitch tools. We will show you how to successfully create straight and curved objects as well as cover various hot keys and tips associated with “production style” digitizing.

3:00pm- Break

3:30pm- Creative Creations “Free-4-All” (Hands-On)

With all the rules firmly in place, it now time to unleash your creativity. Digitizing needs to be FUN not Frustrating! This exercise will show you how easy it is to implement what you’ve learned so far and know that because you are now following set rules, designs you create don’t need to be a mystery when you stitch them out.

5:00pm- Day 1 Complete

Day 2:

9:00am- Lettering Basics (Hands-On)

Ever wonder why some fonts, even keyboard fonts, stitch better and look cleaner than others? It’s all in how they are digitized and the proper use of underlay and push and pull compensation. One of the best ways to learn proper mapping techniques for digitizing is to learn how to manually create a letter. So that’s what we are going to do: digitize fonts the “old fashioned” way… and don’t worry if you’re brand new or been digitizing for years… I’ll keep you all busy!

10:30am- Break

11:00am- The Main Event (Hands-On)

In this session, we will all be digitizing the same design that will implement all three stitch types. You’ll have the opportunity to use artistic merit and “sketch work” techniques and well as “precision punching” elements within the design. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the entire game plan and be digitizing the same object you are on the large screen.

12:30pm- Lunch

1:30pm- The Main Event Continued (Hands-On)

Yes, you needed a break for this one… now that you’ve refueled your tanks let get back to it!

3:00pm- Break

3:30pm- Fast and Fun Techniques (Lecture/Hands-On)

Believe it or not, you might be getting tired right about now. So, I invite you to either sit back and enjoy the ride or jump right back into the driver’s seat… the choice is yours.

I’ll show/digitize a whole bunch of quick examples of these and more speciality techniques.

  • Applique
  • Reverse Applique
  • Cutwork
  • Mylar
  • Fringe
  • 3D Foam
  • Blending Techniques
  • Digitizing for Caps

The above will be shown as time permits, a class census will be taken to prioritize subject matter.

5:00pm- Session Complete


  • 2 Days of Classes.
  • Class Workbook.
  • 30 Day Demo Software and Bonus Videos.
  • Bonus Event Gift
  • Beverages, Snacks & Lunch for Both Days.

Location & Dates:

Issaquah: June 9-10, 2018 – Only $299.95 today with early-bird special (Reg. $379)
Holiday Inn Seattle/Issaquah
1801 12th Ave. N.W.
Issaquah, WA 98027

(425) 392-6421

Other Info:

For accommodations book at

Anaheim: September 8-9, 2018 – Only $299.95 today with early-bird special (Reg. $379)


Other Info:

For accommodations book at


Workshop Only $299.95

Early Bird Signup Only $274.95 (Save $25.00)

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