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No, we are not talking about potatoes, we are talking about the Hatch Smash technique! It is an awesome technique that is named for it amazing effect on material – especially material with a high nap or even fur – it smashes down that material and makes a perfect place for your embroidery. Once you create your Hatch Smash stitches, your embroidery will show up crisp and clear. Don’t worry about changing your embroidery design in any way, you can leave all the details how they are – leave the underlay and leave the density and even leave the pull compensation, your Hatch Smash stitches will take care of everything!

I had a really nice piece of fur (fake fur of course!) and I wanted to do an amazing picture of exactly what the Hatch Smash Technique does! I stitched this lettering design on that piece of fur – and wow, does it show it off! To be clear, when I stitched this out on my machine, I didn’t use any WSS or topper of any kind, just straight on the fur. The letters are exactly the same size and they were cloned from top to bottom! The only thing I changed, was that I added the Hatch Smash to the bottom one, and then of course I added the Hatch Smash stitches. As you can see, the difference is clear!

Hatch Smash technique


The top lettering “Digitizing Made Easy” is Ok, but you can see that the letters are being covered up by the thick fur.  You can read it, but it doesn’t look the best.  When you are creating embroidery, and stitching out designs for gifts or for your own house, you don’t have to settle for OK.  I always go for the best option.  In this case, the best option is using the Hatch Smash Technique!  Look at the lettering on the bottom:  you can read each word and each letter is clear!  I used a white thread to match up with the fur, and it “sets the stage” with Smash Stitches!

This technique can be used for many different things:  you can use it on towels, you can use it on fur, blankets and even fleece to get your design showing up properly, and looking professional.  The Hatch Smash technique has a “wow factor” with it, and that is usually what people say when they see the finished design…WOW!  THAT LOOKS GREAT!  And that is exactly what you want to hear when you present your work to someone!

So, if you have not Smashed yet, give it a try!  There are videos on youtube to show you each step in Smashing, and the correct settings.    Don’t worry, Smashing is not as hard as it looks!  There are a few steps to get the right look, but its pretty easy and there are lots of ways you can change it to suit the material that you are working with to make it look even better.




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