Can we ever have too many hoops?  Nah, every hoop has a specific use!  But storing hoops are a different story…  Where do you put all of those hoops??  How about a dish rack? Yes, a dish rack, why not?  Keep reading, don’t give up on me yet!

Hoop storage ideas

In our production room, we have made a “hoop wall”  made of peg board to hold all of the hoops properly.  As long as you use spacers between the pegboard and the wall and know how to properly put pegboard on the wall so it can handle weight, this option will work fine, and it sure makes hoop selection quite fast and easy.  I feel confident that the hoops are safe hanging there properly – the peg board will not come down with the weight of all of the hoops because the peg board was put up properly – so every size, for every machine we have are up on the wall for easy selection.  The nice thing about using a peg board for hoops is that each machine usually has a different colored hoop, so it is even easier to find the correct hoop.  Also, if you use peg board, it is easy to store your hoops AND thread – just add some dowels or some smaller peg hooks, and you can store just about anything – scissors, hoops, thread and anything else you may use on a regular basis. You can even buy peg board baskets and specialty hangers for just about anything that you want to hang up. Neat and tidy!  I love seeing my thread all lined up in a row, along with the hoops and I can actually find a good pair of scissors, too!

how to store hoops properly

This is how we store hoops in our machine room

To me, that is the best way to organize your embroidery or sewing room.  That is the method we use for the production room with all of our machines.  My workspace is a whole different story!  I have tons and tons of storage, but little wall space!  So aside from a very cool thread rack that was made for me, there is little room for hoop storage!  I do have a few large hoops hanging from (safe) hooks, but there is not nearly enough room for all of the hoops, and they are difficult to get at sometimes, too.  But the thread does look pretty!  I find all of the colors out in plain view very inspiring!  The only downside is the hoops look messy, but I can live with that.

I also bought a cool machine table with hoop drawers (hoop drawers are sooooo nice)  for my standard and off brand magnetic hoops, and specialty hoops.   Well, that filled up rather quickly too!  Sometimes I couldn’t close the drawers properly, and my magnetic hoops were sticking to everything!  That became a hassle as well, and I felt that I could easily damage my hoops too by rummaging through them all the time.

Hoop Storage Hack

I thought about it for a while, and I came up with a great hoop storage hack that only cost $3.00!  You can’t beat that! And it looks GREAT and does the job.  The answer?  A SIMPLE DISH RACK FROM THE DOLLAR STORE!

dish rack for hoop storage

Just any dish rack won’t do – you have to have one that has high dividers, like the one above – it has to be high enough to hold the hoops properly.  If you have lower dividers,  then the hoops will just fall over, and you will have a mess again.  So the higher, the better.  This hoop storage hack works best with the smaller hoops.  If the hoop is too big, it will not be held up by the dividers, either.  I took my biggest ones that I use all the time, and just leaned them against the edge of the stand that I have it in, so those hoops are also held up.  But the 2×2, 4×4, 5×7 and border hoop fit in perfectly.    I also have an extra arm with my machine, so I carefully added that as well and it is leaning up against the table.

Now all of my hoops are easily reachable, not tangled with other hoops, are safe from any kind of damage, and they look great and are well organized right under my machine.

dish rack hoop hack

My main hoops are organized and easy to reach

Remember to store your hoops properly so that they don’t get damaged!  While hoops are not delicate by any means, they can break.  And a broken hoop is no good, you have to buy another one.  I am speaking from personal experience – I had a very large hoop for my industrial machine that I had hung up on the wall.  The hook didn’t hold the heavier large hoop, and it fell to the concrete floor and snapped.  That cost me $600 for a new hoop, and now I am much more careful!

Learn to love your hoops, keep them handy and hoop everything!

Until next time

Happy Hooping!


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