I am in love with this new ESA font!  The creating, editing and stitching of this ESA font is amazing and so much fun to do!  Here is a quick tutorial on how to properly use this ESA font – there are a few tricks, but don’t worry, it’s all easy and customizable.

If you have not downloaded this ESA monogram yet, you can purchase it at DigitizingMadeEasy.com and watch the video on how to install ESA fonts – don’t worry, installing the ESA font is easy, just follow the instructions step by step.  Once you have that completed, we are ready to start playing with this awesome ESA font!

The first step is to decide on the 3 letters that you want to be embroidered.  If you only have 2 letters, the AdornDuo ESA font is the one that you want to use – this one is for 3 letters.  Also as a point of interest, there are many ways to set up the 3 letters, so many ways of doing monograms!  For this one, I am using the old tradition way of monogramming.  My first name initial on the left, the big letter in the middle is my last name, and then my middle initial on the right.  It is the larger letter that is going to get your attention.  Personally, I prefer this style, but again, there are many other ways to do monograms.

Here is the trick:  if you are typing your letters as shown below, they will not work with Adorntrio – there is an issue with the left side letter – it doesn’t fit into the space available.  So from this point, we know that the lowercase letters are for the RIGHT side, and the uppercase letters are for the middle.

EsA font Adorn Trio

So how to we fix that?  It is actually a very easy fix and very easy to get to, but first we have to back track a tiny bit to get things the way that we want them.  The left letter is not going to work here so lets deleted it.  Make sure that your letters left in the text box are in the correct order (uppercase letter and lowercase letter) and make sure your cursor is at the beginning – before the uppercase letter.   It should look something like this:

setting up adorn trio

Now all you have to do is look right below the text box and click on the INSERT CHARACTER, and a pop-up screen will come up!  There it is!  Our missing left side piece of the ESA puzzle!  You can see by the shape that it is going to fit in perfectly with the diamond shape.  See?  That was easy!  If you want to see all of the design in truevue, click on the oval shape at the top of the pop-up, and that will give you a truevue of the letters.  Once you see the letter that you want, click on it and then click OK.    The red arrow on the picture below is showing the truevue options.  You must click on the design that you want to insert, and then click ok.

insert character to get the left side objects

It may look a little funny in the text box, but you can see onscreen that it is correct and it is starting to look awesome!  As long as the symbol and letters are in the right order, you can just ignore how strange the text box looks!  Now you know when you are using Adorntrio ESA monogram fonts, the left side letters are always located in the Insert Objects!  Isn’t that easy?

adorntrio5 letters

Now that we have all of our letters ready to go, it is time to get things put together.  Because Adorn trio is an ESA font, we can’t move the left and right side letters anywhere without moving the whole thing.  Let’s use Break apart!  That is how you break apart lettering from lines, words, letters, and objects – each time you click on break apart on lettering it goes down that list.  Select the lettering and click on break apart – if you have your lettering toolbox tab open, it is right there down at the bottom.  Once you click on that, you may not think there is any difference at all – but there is!  You can down click on each of the objects separately so that we can do some arranging.  Also, if you open your resequence tab to the right, you will see that each letter is now a separate object but is still a lettering object.

adorntrio6 break

HINT:  I always keep my resequence tab open, it is a quick reference to see what is going on with your objects and the stitch type.

Now, all we have to do to complete this step is to move the ESA puzzle pieces together!  Select the letter that you want and drag it over towards the center letter, until everything lines up correctly.  If you have to do some fine placement, once the object is selected you can use the up and down arrow keys to carefully and precisely place your objects together.

move the objects together


Wow, now it looks GREAT!!  Such a lovely ESA font.

I decided to take things a little bit further, just for fun.  I wanted the lettering to be a different color than the scrollwork, just to make it stand out more, and match the colors in the room.  It seems complicated, but it is not – we are going to use break apart again! (it is such a handy lettering tool) and break up each object into smaller elements.  I can see on my screen that the letters themselves are all in one piece, so using the break apart tool will work just fine.  So click one object and then click on break apart, then you are free to change the colors in that object.  I zoomed in a little bit so it was easy to click on the complete letter S on the left, and simply changed the colors.  Now that looks better!  There is one little issue, there are way too many unnecessary color changes!  Ah!  We need to fix that!  With our resequence open, you can click on the top where it says COLORS and then you don’t have to see all of the objects now – just the colors that are in the design.  Yep.  Look at that mess!

break apart to add color to your design.

You can move the colors around so that by the time you are done, you only have 2 colors – in this case, pink and red.  Keep an eye on how you move the colors, though – we still want the design to stitch out smoothly without tons of jumps.  We want the letters to stitch out first – the left, middle and right – so that nothing jumps back and forth for no reason.  OK, you should have everything nice and tidy and in the correct order.  Optimize is the word of the day!

IT’S SMASH TIME.  Yes!  I am going to stitch this design out on a towel, so we need to smash it!  I would rather Hatch Smash a design than use WSS for everything – there is absolutely no need to use any kind of a “topper” or water soluble stabilizer (WSS) if you Smash first!  Save yourself money and stop using toppers – Smash instead!

There are a few free videos that I have done showing you how to do the Hatch Smash stitch.  Here is a quick description of it, just to help you along, and help us get to the final design.  The first think you need to do is create an offset – offsets are one of my favorite things to play with!  For this reason, I do 3 or 4 offsets, and then I can pick the one that I like best.  Let’s select the whole design, and then open up our Edit twirl down menu – closer to the bottom, you will find OUTLINES AND OFFSETS and that is exactly the tool we are looking for – let’s do some offsets!

outlines and offsets


Make sure that you are doing an offset, not an outline, so make sure that the object outlines box is unchecked.  Select single run and a thread color and make sure the right side icon is selected for multiple objects.  Click OK and watch the magic unfold!

Once you select which offset you would like to use – delete the other ones, we only need one of them.

HINT:  make sure that you check your resequence at this point – sometimes when making complicated offsets, there can be some artifacts left over – they are just small outlines that you don’t need anymore – select them all and delete from your resequence tab, making sure to leave the actual offset that you want.

Continuing with the Hatch Smash, select on the offset and change it to a fill stitch.    OK, your whole design is covered up, right?  That is ok, we want the Hatch Smash to stitch out first (to smash down the pile of the towel) so we might as well move it now, right?  Go into your resequence, and move it so it stitches out first.  That looks better, right?  Let’s finish the smash by taking of all of the underlay and changing the stitch spacing (details on the Hatch Smash are available in other blog posts and short videos too) and now our beautiful monogram design is done!

AdornTrio final

In summary:

1.  type in the last two letters of your monogram.

2.  use INSERT CHARACTER to add in the left side letters

3.  use BREAK APART to move the pieces together

4.  optional:  use break apart again to change the color of the lettering

5.  optional:  if you changed the color of the letters, then make sure your design is optimized properly.

6.  Use the Hatch Smash stitch, and move it to stitch out first.

7.  Hoop properly, stitch and enjoy!

I will be doing a free Hatch Facts video on this ESA font, so be sure to check that out.

Until next time,

Happy Digitizing!

Sue  :)


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    Amazing and so easy to follow and I am not even home working yet. But you described it step by step and I can even understand it. Thank you again for such a wonderful professional blog.


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