I know that quite a few people use Facebook for embroidery – in groups or pages – but do you know how you can use Pinterest, too? Pinterest’s boards are full of pictures and great ideas, especially for embroidery. Pinterest can be a wealth of information, inspiration and beautiful embroidery designs.

If you are new to Pinterest, the first thing you need to do is sign up for an account. Go to Pinterest.com and follow the instructions to sign up – its pretty easy to do. Once you have signed up, the next thing to do is create a board (or 10) for yourself! What is a Pinterest board? A board in Pinterest is where you can store and organize pictures and ideas, with convenient links to the items pictured. Think of it as a big cork board sitting in your office – you get some thumb tack pins, and you pin the pictures that you like to the board. Same thing with Pinterest, only it is on your computer! It really is that easy.

I am a big fan of Pinterest for the ideas and the huge variety of pins covering just about every subject that you can think of!

So let’s say we want to create a board for your favorite embroidery designs that you see on Pinterest. Let’s simply call it “Favorite Embroidery Designs”. Go to your profile, and look for a plus sign that says “create a board”. Click on that and create a board – and that is where you are going to pin your favorite embroidery designs, so you can easily go back and reference them – it is super handy if you need some ideas or inspiration – so easy to reference and see a whole bunch of big bright pictures of your favorite embroidery designs, all organized your way.

how to create a pinterest board

Create your own boards in Pinterest for anything you are interested in, especially excellent for embroidery.

Once you have created a few boards, now you need to go out and find some interesting pins! A great place to start is John Deer’s Embroidery, of course! There are tons of pins for you to save! You can follow the whole entire board, or you can follow separate boards, too. Build up your own boards by saving pins – what a great reference for future projects! There are so many pins on the Ultimate Stash board, you can spend all day looking at them – but don’t forget to save your favorites!!

pinterest 1

Each Pinterest board has a subject title – Vintage Lace, Summer and Beach, American Patriotic for example, and you can follow that board, or click on it to see all of the pins inside – and then you can save your pins to your own board! I am going to apologize in advance because once you start finding pins, you won’t be able to stop! The big bright pictures are so much fun to have all organized exactly how you want them PLUS if you decide that one of your favorite embroidery designs that you have pinned is perfect for the project that you are working on, all you have to do is click on it and you will be taken to the Ultimate Stash site where you can download your embroidery design quickly and easily, it is so convenient.

I found something so inspirational that I am going to pin to my own board: Creative Embroidery Ideas! Wow, look at this board!

creative embroidery ideas

I have followed the board, but I am going to save quite a few pins to my “Inspiration” embroidery board – some of these ideas are absolutely amazing! If you are looking for ideas or inspiration, this is the place to be. There are so many good ideas and beautiful stitch outs, I don’t even know where to start!! There are a couple of jean jackets with embroidery designs perfectly placed so I think I might start there. Although there are quite a few embroidered pillow ideas, too. And that wedding veil? WOW, that embroidery is simply beautiful.

If you have not tried Pinterest for embroidery designs, inspiration and project ideas now is the time to start keeping track of your ideas and future projects. Try it and follow John Deer’s embroidery and have tons of embroidery designs right at hand along with project ideas, tutorials, and amazing embroidery designs. Organize your pins and your boards so you can easily check out your project ideas and favorite embroidery designs. Click on them and get started with your embroidery project.

Happy stitching and Happy Pinning!

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