Hatch Digitizing with Sue – Class 10 Lettering

Hatch Digitizing with Sue – Class 10 Lettering


Wilcom Hatch Class 10:  Digitizing Letters

Optimization is a very important part of any digitizing – if you are not creating proper connections where possible, then you are missing out on how to produce better embroidery – connections means no jump stitches and a more professional level embroidery design.  Learn how to make these connections step by step in this class.

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Welcome to Wilcom Hatch AppliquÈ Class 10:  Digitizing Letters

If you are working on a design for yourself, or for a customer, and they have writing on the design and you don’t know what font it is, what do you do?  You can spend time trying to find the font, either a pre-digitized font or a TTF font, or you can digitize the font yourself.  Instead of taking time to locate the font – which can take some time, hours sometimes, you can quickly digitize the letters and save yourself tons of time.  Digitizing letters can be a bit tricky, but if you take it step by step and use examples, then you won’t get lost.  If you digitize the letters yourself, you know that the finished design will be perfect, and the lettering will be exactly what is on the design. Traditionally, lettering is done in satin stitches with lots of angles, to make the lettering look proper.  In this class we will be using the reshape button, figuring out stitch angles and making connections to each and every part of the letters – no jump stitches allowed.

Skills :
• Block stitches
• Changing angles
• Moving start and stop points
• Making connections
• Eliminating jump stitches inside letters
• Adding angles to create perfect turning stitches


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