Hatch Digitizing with Sue – Class 3 Logo – Precision Work

Hatch Digitizing with Sue – Class 3 Logo – Precision Work


Welcome to Class number 3!

Digitizing a logo for a customer take skill, time and patience and lots of precision work.

Product Description

This class is a bit different than the other classes – no creative license required for this one.  When you are digitizing a logo, its the precision that counts and making the embroidery design look as close as possible to the logo that you were sent to work on, and knowing when to make changes to make good embroidery.  Lots of manual digitizing, letter work and doing each element step by step.   This is a great class to work on for intermediate and slightly advanced levels:  I still go over all of the tools and explain everything I am doing, so if you want a little challenge, tackle this class- you will love the results!  Even a beginner can do this class, although it is a bit more complicated than the other classes – its not as complicated as you think.  Give it a try, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Please do the outlining for the letter G better than I did :)

Skills :
• Color Blending
• Digitizing Blocks/Column Tool
• Precision work
• Letter Kearning
• Remove Overlap Stitches
• Manual digitizing
• Getting creative and making a light stitch drop shadow
• Making connections for a fast stitch out
• Learning what looks good in embroidery and what does not (pictures sometimes look amazing, but don’t translate into embroidery) and exploring solutions for customers
• Asking the customers the right questions.


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