Hatch Digitizing with Sue – Class 9 Snowman – Optimization

Hatch Digitizing with Sue – Class 9 Snowman – Optimization


Wilcom Hatch AppliquÈ Class 3:  Snowman Applique and Optimization

Optimization is a very important part of any digitizing – if you are not creating proper connections where possible, then you are missing out on how to produce better embroidery – connections means no jump stitches and a more professional level embroidery design.  Learn how to make these connections step by step in this class.

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Welcome to Wilcom Hatch Applique

In this class, we learn more about applique – practice, practice, practice!  This class is an applique class, but it is also an optimization class!  We do an applique snowman with a few changes.  I do use the applique tool, but then break apart the applique to get to the separate objects and create the cover satin stitches so they work better on the snowman.

The optimization part is for everyone to get started on proper optimization of their embroidery – any embroidery, not just applique. We make excellent connections with the scarf of the snowman – each pink color block has a perfectly placed and optimized connection to the next pink color block.  This means NO JUMPSTITCHES on any of those parts!!  If you optimize all of your designs, then you will have amazing stitch outs with fewer jumpstitches – and your designs look better, and stitch out better.  You will be impressed once you learn this valuable skill!

Skills :
• Applique basics
• Reshape tool
• Changing Angles, Moving start and stop points
• Optimization of your objects
• Creating connections between objects, and hiding the connections


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