Hatch Digitizing with Sue – Class 1 Owl – Intro

Hatch Digitizing with Sue – Class 1 Owl – Intro


This is an introduction to digitizing using the Wilcom Hatch Embroidery Software. It’s a step by step tutorial where we bring in a jpeg, size it properly and start digitizing! This video will also apply to Wilcom Janome Digitizer V5 – the programs are almost exactly the same, so you will be able to follow along.

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I have a unique teaching style – I talk like you are sitting right into the room – and I make everything FUN. I also make mistakes in every video – most on purpose – because everyone makes mistakes, the trick is how you fix them!! Its important to learn how to fix any mistake you make!! I also encourage everyone to think outside the embroidery box – come up with some ideas, change things around and play around!!

In this Hatch class we show you how to import an image and take that image into embroidery using various tools and techniques.

Skills that you will learn from this class:
• Bringing in a jpeg and sizing it properly
• Lock down the image (so you don’t move it around)
• View and Hide objects
• Digitize a Closed object
• Circle Tool (and a couple of tricks with the circle tool to make it work)
• Digitize holes
• Fill Holes
• Different Fill patterns
Beginner pathing: digitizing embroidery objects in proper order, and if you don’t (like I did) how to make sure your objects are in the proper stitching order.


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