History of Digitizing video

History of Digitizing video

“I was very fortunate in that I was trained by Schiffli Masters for the first two years of my career. I learned to manually punch one stitch at a time. Digitizing was more of an art that required you to implement more theory in those days, embroiders today run one design at a time on a nice little hoop…”

Watch this engaging video for a glimpse into the history of digitizing and John's family history.


The History of Digitizing

The History of Digitizing was written and narrated by John Deer owner of Adorable Ideas which houses both DigitizingMadeEasy.com and UltimateStash.com. John has an very unique history in the digitizing industry; he apprenticed to become a Schiffli Master over 30 years ago before computers entered the digitizing world. Winning 30 separate digitizing awards and teaching classes all around the world, John Deer is widely recognized as an expert in the field and is truly one of the last of a dying breed.