Although Christmas and the Holidays seem far away, the Holiday rush is already upon us.  Quite a few people are wondering whether or not to start their Christmas stitching early, or exactly when you should start working on Christmas.  My answer:  NOW!  START RIGHT NOW!

The holidays are really only a few weeks away – as of the date of this blog, we only have 6 weeks until the beginning of the Holiday season!  When you look at it that way, 6 weeks is not a lot of time, so get stitching!    Being aware of the time, I try and plan out my gift making so that each project will not be rushed, eliminated or not perfected because I was running out of time.  So start planning so you can get your wonderful holiday items completed on time!


You don’t have to spend weeks and weeks doing a project to make an impacting and beautiful Holiday gift!  These quick gifts mentioned below are always stitched with love and make great presents for just about anyone!  My daughter is away at University, and she loves her seasonal mug rugs and holiday decorations.

1.  Mug rugs make an awesome Holiday gift!  They are really easy to create (check back on the blogs, I did a blog on how to create a simple mug rug and add your own design).  You can coordinate some nice bright fabric or even use felt.  Make the mug rugs personal by adding a name or the year (or both) and the person who receives your mug rug gift will know that you stitched it especially for them!

you can easily change the colors and add a holiday design on this mug rug

you can easily change the colors and add a holiday design to this mug rug

2.  Placemats:  Placemats are really easy to create using designs that you already have!  Placemats will require a little bit of sewing, but nothing too difficult.  Add your favorite embroidery designs to squares to form the placemat, sew them all together and have a festive table, just in time for the Holidays.   If you are good at sewing, a placemat made up of squares is a quick project.  If you are not an avid sewer, then this might go into the longer projects.   Either way, if you work hard at it, a personal placemat set will make a great gift.

3.  Tea towels:  Everyone has tea towels in their kitchen, and most kitchens need a tea towel overhaul!  This is a great time to make special tea towels to make any kitchen just a little fancier.  Start off with quality tea-towels – you can even get them with Holiday colors – and then add your own embroidery designs. There are lots of funny coffee sayings and other designs that will look amazing on a quality tea towel, especiall holiday designs!  I love brining out the Santa tea towels, and they sit right beside the snow man tea towels.  Make sure you check out some new designs and make a set of beautiful tea towels for the kitchen.  I found this one at the and it stitches out beautifully!

This is one of many awesome designs you could use for a tea towel!

This is one of many awesome designs you could stitch on a tea towel!

4.  Lace anything!  Ahhh, do I need to tell everyone how much I love John Deer’s lace?  It is so much fun to stitch out, so easy to do and usually has only one color – the lace designs are so good that you can just let them stitch while you prepare your next project.  You can add lace to just about anything – how about adding lace to a tea-towel that you stitched?  You can add lace to the edge of the placemat, too?  How about stitching some lace designs together (with your sewing machine and the same embroidery thread) and making a doily?  I have added lace to jeans, and the bottom of Jeans, which looked absolutely amazing.  You could also add lace to any t-shirt and make a beautiful gift!  Add a bit of lettering, and you have an easy stitch, one of a kind gift.

learn to hoop rpoperly

Add stunning lace to a tea-towel!

5.  In the Hoop Angels:  I really love in the hoop projects – they are so much fun to do (and usually require minimal sewing, LOL) and if you have not tried these in the hoop angels, I think you should try one!  These angels come in different sizes and fit together perfectly.  The angels are easy to do and make a fantastic gift for anyone.  I made one of these for my husband’s Grandmother, and she absolutely loved it!  There is a whole pack of 3D lace angels, so its very difficult to pick just one!

lace angel

lace angels make wonderful holiday gifts, click HERE to see the whole pack!

6:  Monogram/Split Monogram anything!  You can use monograms for personalized towels, shirts, bags and just about anything that you can hoop on your embroidery machine.  I have seen some fancy monograms on shoes and jeans, too!  How about a t-shirt or a sweatshirt?  While creating a monogram can be a bit of work, there are some monogram ESA fonts which will make quick work of this gift idea!  An ESA font is exactly the same as a built-in font – which is to say that they are digitized specifically for embroidery – so you will have much better results using an ESA font – and of course using an ESA font is quick and EASY!  Just go to the add lettering tab and type out the initials that you want, and pick your favorite ESA monogramming font.

AdornTrio final

HINT:  you can think outside of the box for monogramming – it doesn’t necessarily have to be initials for the lettering – if you are like me, you can use your name instead of the initials – try one and see – SUE looks just as good (I like it much better) than using my three initials.

HINT: if you have not already heard, John Deer has come out with new ESA elements!  ESA elements are a game changer for personalized embroidery.  Elements are similar to monograms in that they are fancy, swirly, beautiful designs, but they have no lettering.  You need to check them out!

7.  Monogram Keyfob: You can take it one step further, and use this amazing Monogram Font (called AdornTrio) and add an outer edge and make a key fob!  All I did was use Hatch to create the outer edge, add the tab and of course stitching for the back of the fob, and cut it out when it is done!  Add a snap and a key ring and you are done!

create beautiful pricures

quick and easy monogrammed key fob makes a great present

Hopefully, that will give everyone some fast and easy ideas to get started on their Holiday gift giving and creating!

Happy Stitching

Until next time,


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  1. I would love to do the angels but you do not mention where to find them ???

    • Sue says:

      If you look under the picture, there is writing which contains a link to the entire set of 3D angel designs at!

  2. Anne Edwords says:

    Thank you for sharing these great and creative ideas

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