In our Facebook group, Hatch Facts, we have some awesome discussions going on most of the time!  This week’s discussion ended up being about your sewing room!

It’s amazing how some people can be so completely organized with all of their embroidery tools, accessories, and stabilizers! I was absolutely amazed at the wonderful sewing or embroidery work areas that people have!  Some people have large rooms that are dedicated to embroidery or sewing, and some people have converted large closets with desks and enough room to work and embroider!  It really is great to see so many ideas coming forth, and some absolutely beautiful sewing areas too!

As you may already know, Don and I have a very busy embroidery company and we need quite a bit of room.  We have more than two floors dedicated to our business!  One whole floor is for the machines – we have 4 multi-needle machines and they need a whole room to themselves, and they can be very noisy so it is really nice to have a door to close once in a while.  In our offices, we have our computers, and one single needle machine at my desk – I actually have 3 desks together in kind of a cool shape so I can have enough room to work.  Ok, it may be too much room, but that is my story and I am sticking with it!  The only thing I wish I had right now is a little bit more wall space so I can “display” all of my new thread!  I absolutely love to see all of the different shades and colors, I find it inspirational and just simply pretty too!   In the Hatch Facts group, the question was “show us your sewing room and show off where you are doing all of this amazing embroidery”, and the same extends here – if you have a clever idea or a really fantastic way of keeping everything in order and organized, let us know – we are always up for new ideas.  Even better, you can head on over to Facebook and join the Hatch Facts group and share pictures of your sewing room – we would love to see where you work.


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Sue Brown :)

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