I often wonder if everyone understands the power of social media, if they really understand how much of an impact that social media can make.    Social media like Facebook are very powerful indeed.  Let me explain.

Facebook is one of the main social media platforms out there- Facebook is fun to use, great to find old friends and lost friends and get caught up with everyone.  But did you know that Facebook is a very useful tool, and is powerful indeed? Also, did you know that Facebook can benefit you in many ways, including help and guidance (as long as you are in the right place).

Let’s talk about the help and guidance part because this blog will probably mostly be read on Facebook or this website.    There are unlimited posts, blogs and groups where you can find some help with whatever you are doing, for example, Hatch or embroidery machines.  If you are new to Hatch, you can find a group specifically geared towards Hatch learning, embroidery and designs, too.  A great example is The Hatch Facts Facebook group (of course, LOL) and in this group, you can find answers to just about any question that you may have.   The power of the Hatch Facts group is that it is run by John Deer, who has 30+ years of experience as a digitizer and in the embroidery industry, and he knows embroidery and digitizing, and the admins have many years of experience too.   So if you have a question, you know you are getting an answer based on experience and professional results.   However, not all groups are created equal, and you need to make sure that the information you are getting from any group is GOOD and CORRECT information, and will help you further your digitizing or embroidery skills. Now to be clear, I am not talking about Hatch groups here, I am talking about ANY Facebook group!  You have to be careful, you really do.  I belonged to a specific embroidery machine group, and I quickly left that group after reading some of the information they were putting out there!  Seriously, I would NEVER do some of that with my machine – it was to the point of being silly, honestly! (using paper towel as a stabilizer for shirts, for example).  But new people joined the group every day, and decided to try some of their ideas and ended up breaking their machine! No, I am not kidding.  They were new, they joined a large group that was filled with information and ideas, and decided that it was a good idea to try – after all, the post had quite a few likes and some positive comments, right?  No, not right at all – just because there is a group out there, doesn’t mean that they know anything but the basics about your machine.

How can you impact social media?   PARTICIPATE.

You would not believe the power of your participation!    The more likes and comments that a page or group has, the better!  And it really does make a difference.   Even if you don’t have questions, or don’t feel that you can properly answer a question, click the like button – let the poster know that you liked their idea, comment or question!  If you like a specific design, or group of designs, then search out the company page and like the page.  The more likes a page has, the more prominent it becomes in Facebook and in google searches.   It is important that everyone supports what they like, by (you guessed it) LIKING IT ON FACEBOOK!  If you like reading my blog, then like it!  If you like John Deer’s designs, then like it!  If you love Hatch, then like it everywhere!  If you love DigitizingMadeEasy’s website, classes and information, then take 5 minutes to find their page and like it!


Like and Share – if you don’t have a comment, Like and share is the way to go!  Sharing posts and ideas is another way to show your support for a product, design or company.  The more you share, the more you participate and tell everyone that you like a design, post or something that you found useful, and understand that you could possibly help others with their work, too.   If an embroidery design is beautiful and stitched out like a dream, don’t you want to let other people know that you found something awesome?  Like and Share!

likes and shares

 Like and Share is not just for contests! Liking a post and sharing a post is great anytime, honestly.  I know there are some amazing contests out there, but you can like and share anything that you think is awesome!


The power of social media lies with your participation.  If you want a company to know that you like their work, appreciate their inspiration and love their ideas, go ahead a click the like, make a comment or even share the post.  It all adds up in the end and it is all positive and will really help the company, and help others enjoy the information that you have found.

Have you ever posted a picture of your embroidery stitched work, and got a ton of likes in a short amount of time??  That is awesome, it makes you feel good!  The same thing happens for a business – if they get lots of likes, they know they are on the right track and will keep doing more!

Social Media Power is PARTICPATION!  Make sure that you are using your power for good and not evil, LOL.  Like the things that you like, and scroll past the things you don’t like.  It is really easy to participate, to help the companies that help you, inspire you or offer something awesome!

Until Next time

(remember to show your support by like and shares :)



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    great blog as usual, thanks Sue :)

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    Well said Sue !!

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