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Any Shape Baseline | Lesson by Sue

Any Shape Baseline | Lesson by Sue ··· Length 4 min. 29 sec. ··· beginner

Have you ever wanted to add lettering in a wavy line – or a specific shape? How about adding lettering to an offset that is curvy? Any Shape baseline is how you do it! You don’t have to worry that the baseline’s curve is too sharp, or your letters are getting bunched up – you can fix it quickly once you create your baseline and go into reshape. Not curvy enough? Add some more curve nodes and move the shape around – Your lettering will adjust to your new curves! Lettering too small? Make it bigger in reshape! Need more spacing, or your letters are bunched up in a curve? Reshape allows you to quickly and easily move the letters so your lettering is not overlapping. Shape your baseline, move your letters, resize your letters and even change the font all with any shape baseline and the reshape tool! Try it!


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