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Block Stitches part 1 | Lesson by Sue

Block Stitches part 1 | Lesson by Sue ··· Length 6 min. 13 sec. ··· beginner

With a little practice, you can step away from plain ol’ satin stitches and move up to block stitches! What are block stitches? They are similar to satin stitches, but unlike straight satin stitches you can change the width with block stitches, and you can change the shape too – it doesn’t have to be a straight or curved plain line. If you want an hourglass shaped satin stitches, block stitches will get you there. Check out this video and learn how to create block stitches with an up/down or side to side node placement. Block stitches also offers you more stitch and angle control so the end result will be beautiful satin stitches with angles and style.


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