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Create Your Own Fabric Settings | Lesson by Sue

Create Your Own Fabric Settings | Lesson by Sue ··· Length 3 min. 30 sec. ··· beginner

One of the best things about Hatch is the auto fabric settings. When you use auto fabric, you can have your designs set up perfectly for the fabric that you are using – including tatami and satin settings, as well as a quick reference as to what stabilizer you should use – Hatch makes it quick and easy. But what if you don’t find the fabric that you want? Hatch has the answer – Create your own Auto fabric! You can create your own name such as “Business 123 shirts” and create all the settings that worked for that job! You can base your new auto fabric on settings, or create your own. You can control the stitch length, underlay and more! Use your own auto-fabric to apply settings to any files you have created – and get better embroidery results with Hatch!


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