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EMB vs PES | Lesson by Sue

EMB vs PES | Lesson by Sue ··· Length 6 min. 46 sec. ··· beginner

What is the difference between EMB files and PES files? They look the same don’t they? Yes, they do look the same, but they are completely different formats, and word differently. A PES is a stitch file, and is made for stitching. Stitch files are not made for editing in any way – no resizing, no changing details, no moving things around. EMB files on the other hand are your working or editing files and EMB files are made for working on – editiing, small resizes and EMB files are native to Hatch, and they carry ALL of the editing information. These are the files you use for creating, editing and saving your embroidery designs. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU EDIT ANY STITCH/MACHINE FILES, AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU EDIT ANY OTHER DIGITIZER’S EMB FILES. EDIT ONLY YOUR OWN EMB FILES THAT YOU HAVE CREATED YOURSELF.


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