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Embroidery Fonts | Lesson by Sue

Embroidery Fonts | Lesson by Sue ··· Length 12 min. 36 sec. ··· beginner

Embroidery Fonts: There are a few different kinds of lettering that you can use in Hatch Embroidery.
You can use ESA or built in fonts, you can use TTF fonts and you can use alphabet “fonts” (the ones
that you have tons of – they are in a folder and you bring them in one at a time, or you have programmed
them into keyboard fonts in other programs. But the question of the day is, WHICH STYLE OF FONT IS THE BEST?
Get your answers with this video – with examples and reasons why I say ESA or built in fonts are the best,
and will give you the best embroidery. Happy Digitizing!


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