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Using the Pen Tablet | Lesson by Sue

Using the Pen Tablet | Lesson by Sue ··· Length 8 min. 34 sec. ··· beginner

Everyone has been asking for a video on how to use a pen + tablet with Hatch – and people have been wondering what a pen and tablet is, and how to use it. A pen and tablet is a wonderful accessory to Hatch, but you do not have to have one, nor do you have to purchase the exact one that I am using in the video. In this introduction video, I show you the pen and tablet that I have, and how I use it with Hatch to make my embroidery digitizing even more fun (if that is even possible). In this video, I show you the tablet, the pen and how to use them within Hatch to place down nodes, including a few tricks for curved nodes. This video will be very helpful to introduce you to pen + tablet digitizing
in Hatch. Happy Digitizing!


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