I see this question quite a bit on facebook.  Whether you have just downloaded Hatch and completely new to embroidery, that is always the question – where do I start?

At Digitizing Made Easy, we have a great place to start – right here!  Here are a few things you can do to get started with Hatch and learning how to digitize your own designs.

1.  Play, play play!  One of the best ways to start is by playing in Hatch!  Breathe, breathe again, and grab a tool and start playing on the workspace.  I am not talking about creating a masterpiece, but just play around with the tools (start with the digitizing toolbox on the left of the screen) and make a square!  That’s it – you have started digitizing!  A simple square might not be a huge deal, but it is something!

use the drop down tools to start creating in Hatch

This is a great place to start – with a simple square!

After you create your awesome square, you can play around with the different tatami fills, motif fills (I could play all day in the motif fills) and you can change from a fill to an outline using the fill – outline buttons at the top of your screen.  Once you do a few things like this, you will start to have a good feeling for the software.  Hatch is really easy to navigate, and many people have found that it is not hard to find all of the tools that you want.

HINT:  Not sure of what a certain tool does?  Hover your mouse over it for a quick explanation of the function of that tool.  Personally, I go over each and every tool in the software and at least know what they do and where they are.  Of course, I won’t remember each and every tool and their function, but I will get familiar with the tools and then I will start to remember them.

Once you are familiar with the desktop, the tools and Hatch in general, it is time to get to work!

2.  Work with  EMB Designs:  If you purchased Hatch through Digitizing Made Easy, then you will receive a ton of bonuses, including classes and fonts and a subscription to the Ultimatestash.com – you can get your hands on all of John Deer’s embroidery designs.  That is also a great place to start!  Bring in an embroidery design, use the stitch simulator button button to watch the designs stitch out.  Best of all, most of the designs can be downloaded in EMB format (EMB is the working format for Hatch) and you can see all of the connections, the different objects in your resequence tab, and learn quite a bit about Hatch and create designs.  Plus, watching designs “stitch” out in Hatch is just simply FUN.

3.  Check out some videos at Digitizing Made Easy.  Whether you watch some videos first or watch them after you play around in Hatch or both, you will find that Digitizing Made Easy has a ton of free quick tip videos that will help you get to know Hatch, and all of the tools in Hatch.   Where can you find these free videos?  Have a look in the Hatch Learning Center:

hatch learning center free videos

Hatch Learning Center is highlighted in yellow.

There are close to 55 different free videos that will help you get to know your way around Hatch!  This is an incredible resource!  Some videos are showing you how to use a certain tool, a shortcut, how to use different stitch effects and instructions on how to do a few techniques, too – such as the Hatch Smash!

HINT:  If you have an Ipad or phone, a second monitor or even a laptop, I would run the videos on those, and have Hatch on your main computer so that you can watch and work at the same time.  Once you watch the video, or as you watch the video, you can be working along in Hatch practicing what you have learned.  Remember that you can pause the video and rewind the video until you get it right.

4.  Do some classes:  Yes!  We have lots of classes for you to learn Hatch from any level.  We have classes for every different level of Hatch too! (Creator, Customizer, and Digitizer)  Some of the classes will introduce you to working with Hatch and are a complete walkthrough of the program.  Some classes are project classes where we work on a project from start to finish.  Some classes work on a design from start to finish, highlighting a special technique.  And last but certainly not least, John’s classes are a foundation to your embroidery digitizing and work with you to master the running stitch and satin stitches in so many different ways.   These classes will help build good habits and build a solid foundation to your digitizing.  You can even take a certification class and John Deer will personally check your homework!  If you pass, you will get a certificate from him.  How cool is that?  And you won’t believe how much you will learn!

HINT:  when you purchase your first class at Digitizing Made Easy, you will get exclusive access to the Members Video Library.  This area has more than 8 hours of digitizing classes that are absolutely amazing.  Included are classes on fur stitch, fringe stitch and working with applique.    And all this for FREE when you purchase one single class.  So for the price of one class, you can have 9+ hours of digitizing lessons to get you started.

5.  Read some Frequently asked questions.  Digitizing Made Easy is a one stop place for everything Hatch!  You can find free videos, classes, a whole ton of amazing ESA fonts to work with in Hatch (ESA fonts are the same as the built-in fonts in Hatch, but you get to pick the ones that you want.  I always recommend ESA fonts for the BEST PROFESSIONAL results) and you can find some frequently asked questions – there are answers to questions that you may have.

6.  Ask more questions.  If you have more questions or need help in Hatch, the place to be is the Hatch Facts facebook group.  This is where you can ask questions and get answers and help for any of your Hatch issues.    The Hatch Facts group is a fun and happy place to be – there are lots of questions, helpful tips and tricks, too.  If you finished a project and would like to show off, take a picture of the stitch out and post it in the group – we love to see your work.  Also, the Hatch Fact facebook group is a place for inspiration and support.  Not just software support, but moral support too.  If you are feeling frustrated make a post, and you will see the support from everyone around you – and help too of course.  There is nothing like a group of happy Hatch people to make you feel good about doing your work and learning.  If you are doing classes, don’t forget to post your homework in Hatch Facts – you will feel so proud when everyone comments on your work!

Hopefully, this blog post will help you get started in Hatch using all of the options available to you!  Digitizing Made Easy is truly one stop shopping – it has everything you need to get started with Hatch.

Until next time,

Happy Digitizing!

Sue :)


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  1. Suzan says:

    I love it, Great for newbies, and those of us that tend to forget things. I always go back and review my classes especially if I haven’t done something for awhile.

    Thanks Sue

  2. Freda Weigand says:

    I totally agree its a great way of learning to use the tools, and what we can do.I have a few classes so far and at times go back and watch the one i need to brush up on.

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