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Wilcom Hatch Software FAQ

Which File Formats Does Hatch Read and Write

Hatch can Read the following formats:

Hatch will read most domestic embroidery file types:

Wilcom: .EMB .EMX

 Melco: .EXP

Tajima .DST

Janome: .JAN  .JEF  .JEF+  .JPX  .SEW  .EMX  .EMD

Bernina: .ART  .EXP  .ARX  .ART70  .ART60  .ART50  .ART42 .ART (V1/2/3/4)

Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES  .PEC

Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3  .VIP  .SHV  .HUS  .PCS  .PCD  .PCQ  .PCM

Singer: .XXX  .CSD

Melco Condensed .CND

Great Notions .GNC

Hatch can Write the following formats:

Save as:  .EMB

.EMB is your “Working File”.  It is recommended to Save All Designs to .EMB before you export to your machine format. This is the best format to edit your design in the future.


Export design to:



Janome/Elna: JEF .JPX .SEW .EMD

Bernina: .EXP

Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES . PEC

Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3 .VIP .SHV .HUS .PCS .PCD .PCQ .PCM

Singer:  .XXX .CSD

Melco:  .EXP

Tajima: .DST


What is Hatch?

Hatch is Wilcom’s newest embroidery software designed for craft and hobby users alike. Hatch features the latest technology in an easy-to-use interface with add-as-you-go features. Finally, embroidery software that is powerful but doesn’t overwhelm you!
Hatch Embroidery software is a downloadable product that you can buy all in one or start small and add on modules when it’s right for you. John Deer’s Digitizing Made Easy is an official selected re-seller of Hatch.

Can I try Hatch?

Yes! You can download a FREE full featured 30 day trial of Hatch through Digitizing Made Easy. You’ll also receive a FREE “Welcome to Hatch” ($19.95) guided tutorial with your trial, and two FREE Hatch Lessons “Auto-Digitizing” ($19.95) and “Manual Digitizing” ($19.95) which both include fun projects. To download your FREE 30 Day Trial, Click Here.

Where Do I Start in Hatch?

The best place to start in Hatch is with the free introduction videos you receive with your 30-day hatch trial. After you’ve watched the introduction videos, our Hatch Learning Center is full of helpful Hatch tutorial and quick tip videos to better familiarize you with your Hatch software. To visit our Hatch Learning Center Click Here.

Does the Trial Version of Hatch Allow You to Save and Stitch? Are There Any Limitations to the Trial?

There are NO limitations to the FREE 30 Day Hatch trial. The trial version of Hatch DOES allow you to save and stitch out your designs. To download your FREE 30 Day Trial Click Here.

What Hatch Level Do I Need?

The level of Hatch you need really depends on what you’d like the software for. If you only want to catalog your embroidery designs you’ll only need Hatch Basics, yet if you’d like to digitize your own embroidery designs you’ll need Hatch Digitizer. To view a chart explaining which features are included with each level of Hatch Click Here.

Why Should I Buy Hatch from Digitizing Made Easy?

Digitizing Made Easy provides our customers with exclusive bonuses, professional Hatch education, superior customer support, and access to our “Hatch Facts’ online Facebook community. For more information Click Here.

How/When Do I Get the Bonuses?

Digitizing Made Easy’s bonuses will be emailed to you as soon as we receive verification from Wilcom that you’ve purchase a level of Hatch. In most cases, we receive verification from Wilcom and email out the bonuses within 24 hours. Bonuses aren’t sent out on weekends or holidays. To see which bonuses come with each level of Hatch Click Here.

Can Hatch Do Everything My Other Program Can Do?

Hatch has many tools to work with yet keep in mind, every embroidery software is different. Although we can’t say that Hatch has every single tool that every other software program has, we can say that Hatch is VERY powerful embroidery software. It has everything you need to create beautiful embroidery. If you haven’t already, give it a try… You’ll see what we mean. To download your FREE 30 Day Trial Click Here.

Can I Use Hatch on More Than 1 Computer?

Yes. Hatch can be used on up to 3 computers.

Can I Use Hatch on Mac?

Although Hatch is not a native Mac program, as with other PC programs you can use Hatch with a Mac provided you use Bootcamp (built into Mac) or purchase a program to run Windows in Mac called Parallels, and you will need to purchase a copy of Windows as well as a copy of Parallels. You will need to visit Apple’s website or the Parallels website to get any further information and support for running Windows on a Mac.

Does Hatch Work with Windows 10?

Yes. Hatch does work with Windows 10.

Will Hatch Work with My Embroidery Machine?

Yes, Hatch will work with virtually every embroidery machines. Hatch is great software for any embroidery machine!

Does Hatch Come with Any Designs?

Hatch comes with many built in designs in the native EMB format for you to work with. When you have Hatch open on your computer, click on the “MY DESIGNS” tab so see all of the designs that come with Hatch Embroidery Software.

Does Hatch Come with Any Images?

Yes, all levels of Hatch come with some images and projects for you to work with! When Hatch is open on your computer, you can click on the HELP menu at the top of Hatch, and you can click on the Getting Started tab. This will give you a good introduction to Hatch, with downloadable PDF pages and step by step instructions to working with projects using the built in designs and images.

Can I Create Applique and Mylar in Hatch?

Hatch is wonderful for creating both applique and mylar! Hatch has a drop down menu especially for creating applique and mylar containing tools such as Digitize Applique, Remove Overlaps and Partial Applique along with Combine Applique (which is a real time-saver) and break apart. If you would like more information, please watch this video.

How Many Fonts Does Hatch Include?

With your initial purchase, Hatch Digitizer includes 86 professionally digitized ESA fonts. While Hatch Creator & Customizer both include 60 professionally digitized ESA fonts. If you purchase Hatch through Digitizing Made Easy, you’ll receive an additional 5 ESA fonts as an exclusive bonus when your purchase the Customizer, and an additional 10 ESA fonts as an exclusive bonus when you purchase the Creator or Digitizer. Additional professionally digitized ESA fonts can be purchased in the Hatch Fonts section of our website.

Can I Use TTF Fonts in Hatch?

Yes, you can use TTF fonts in Hatch once they are installed on your computer. However, you should always be careful using TTF fonts as some TTF fonts are not suitable for embroidery. Because TTF fonts are not created for embroidery, you may run into issues with improper underlay, missing stitch angles and small lettering. We suggest using ESA fonts- these fonts were professionally hand digitized for embroidery and have the minimum recommendations right in the name. For more information and to see what ESA fonts Digitizing Made Easy has to offer, Click Here.

How Do I Get My Design to My Machine?

It really depends on what kind of machine you are using. If you have your machine plugged into your computer, you can send stitch files to your machine right inside Hatch. If you use a USB stick, you must copy your files to that USB drive, and then insert that into your embroidery machine.

How Do I Get My Design to My USB Stick?

Copying files to your USB stick is fast and easy with Hatch! For step by step instructions, please Watch This Video.

Is Hatch the Same as E3?

No, Hatch is not the same as Wilcom E3. Hatch is embroidery software for the hobbyist, while E3 is for a professional level digitizer.

I Have a HASP Sign in Error, How Do I Fix This?

If you have a HASP error, the first thing you should do is shut down your computer (not a reboot, a total shut down) and restart your computer. Make sure you wait for everything to load properly – most HASP errors are caused because the HASP program has not finished loading before you start Hatch. You can also visit and look under the FAQ section for a fix to the HASP error.

I Need More Help!

If your Hatch related question was not answered in our FAQ page, chances are we have a video about it in our Hatch Learning Center. To visit our Hatch Learning Center Click Here. If you need further assistance, please post it in our “Wilcom Hatch Facts” Facebook group to get a quick a response. To visit our “Wilcom Hatch Facts” Facebook group Click Here.

Is Digitizing Made Easy on Facebook?

Yes! Digitizing Made Easy has a general Facebook page to keep you up to date with new releases, blog posts, and helpful information. To join our Facebook page please Click Here. Digitizing Made Easy also has a Facebook group geared toward creating an online community for all Hatch users called “Wilcom Hatch Facts”. To join our Facebook group please Click Here.

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